Bio – Nadine Van Elslande

With a background in clinical research and a decade of experience working with Montreal’s homeless as the coordinator of social housing, research and special projects at the Old Brewery Mission, Nadine Van Elslande brings her passion for mental health and her unparalleled organizational acumen to Transitions to Communities.

She received her Master’s Degree in Education and Psychology from the University of Columbia where her focus was the Diagnosis Statistical Manual used within psychology and underlining the benefits of early intervention.

Nadine has been on the front lines of intervention with respect to client reintegration and aftercare and has been integral to multidisciplinary partnerships within the Mental Health community in Montreal.

Nadine’s expertise in treating addiction and her extensive work experience with clientele of diverse needs and backgrounds allowed her to continuously evolve as both a clinician and coordinator.

Nadine has also taught various intervention methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing and anger management.

Nadine is the mother to three exceptional daughters, and enjoys running Spartan races with her loving husband whenever she can.