Bio – Janet Desautels

Janet  Desautels B.A., B.A., LL.B is the Participant Support Worker for the Transitions to Communities Project for The Mood Disorder Society of Canada based in Calgary, Alberta.

Janet has many years` experience as a professional development facilitator with Chinook Learning Services in Calgary teaching people skills to help them communicate and work well with others in the workplace.

She has served as Program Director for the Center for Organizational Cultural Competence where she provided research and training to assist workplaces in developing better cultural awareness and competence to help them recognize and overcome the myriad barriers to connecting and communicating between cultures.

She has also worked in the insurance industry, where she helped to harmonize people`s positions in negotiation settings and built bridges in difficult adversarial circumstances.  Her focus is always on helping people remove or work around barriers in order to create connection.  Once connection is possible, so is understanding, cooperation, and success.

Janet is the author of Dancing with Differences (2015), a simple guide to handling all your differences and conflicts with others, whether they are based in culture, opinion, or personality.

She earned a law degree (LL.B) at the University of Calgary in 1993, and is a past member of the Law Society of British Columbia and the Law Society of Alberta.  She earned a B.A. in Philosophy in 1990, and a B.A. in Sociology in 1988, both from the University of Calgary.

Janet enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 children, reading about personal development and awareness, and finding as many ways as possible to appreciate life.