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    website for mdsc - new look

    Hi, Just wanted to know what others thought of the revamp site? I'm not impressed at all. It used to have a lot of detailed references of the majority of mental health diagnosis. Now it looks like an AD billboard with no substance?

    Hi Purgatory. If you'd like me to pass on your ideas for changes, PM me.

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      Hello Purgatory. I'll admit that I'm not a large fan of the current layout of the main web page. However most of the info that was there before is still there. It's just a little harder to find (to my mind anyways). Under resources , ,, there is information on bipolar, depression and anxiety, also under resources, , there is a variety of information about tool kits etc. Also under resources there is a variety of links to other sites as well as other information. The MDSC has never printed very much about other mental illnesses unless they have a direct link to bipolar, depression and and/or anxiety. I presume this is because the name MDSC, stands for Mood Disorder and a Mood Disorder is defined as being bipolar and/or depression and in the last decade or so, anxieties. For example they do have articles on PTSD and alcoholism as they can often be traced back to depression or mental illness or at least interlinked to them.

      As said I don't overly like the layout that they have, but they do have pretty much all of the info they used to have, but to me it's just a little harder to find. I'm presuming that compressing is part of the price that must be paid to include more topics and to try and print more news.

      However I know that they would give an honest look at suggestions. So if you have any , please send them to AJ and she will forward them to the appropriate person. I would forward some suggestions, but I have all the creativity of a gnat LOL. Thx for your views. Take Care. paul m .
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