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Joke - Little Johnny goes to school

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    ((((name)))) --> a hug of support - replace "name" with the person's name

    (((((((hugs))))))) --> giving anyone a big hug

    AD --> antidepressant

    ADD --> attention deficit disorder

    ADHD --> attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

    ASAP --> as soon as possible

    b/c --> because

    bf --> boy friend

    BAD --> biploar affective disorder (n): same as BP disorder (distinguishes the abbreviation from BPD)


    BP --> Bipolar

    BPI --> Bipolar I

    BPII --> Bipolar II

    BPD --> Borderline Personality Disorder

    BRB --> be right back (used more in chat)

    BRO --> Brother

    BTW --> by the way

    bump, *, ~ --> These are all replies designed solely to return a post to the top of the board where it will gain more attention.

    CD --> Clinical Depression

    CNS --> central nervous system

    COS --> Cousin

    DAD --> Dad, Father, Pop

    DDP --> Double Depression

    DP --> Depression

    DPV --> Depressive --> relating to depression

    doc --> regular doctor

    dx --> dianoisis

    Dx'd or dxed --> diagnosed

    FA --> F*ck it All

    FBRO --> Foster Brother


    FSIS --> Foster Sister

    FWIW--> For what it's worth

    fyeo - for your eyes only

    GAD --> General Anxiety Disorder

    gf --> girl friend

    GI --> gastrointestinal: relating to the digestive tract (stomach, intestines, etc.)

    GP --> general practicioner: new term for a general "family" doctor

    GNDM --> Grandmother

    GNDF --> Grandfather

    IM --> instant messenger (yahoo chat)

    Imho --> in my honest (humble)opinion

    IMO --> In My Opinion

    IRL --> In the Real World

    IRL --> can also mean in real life but there's very little difference.

    j/k --> joke

    JMHO --> just my honest (or humble) opinion

    JMO --> Just My Opinion

    LMAO --> laughing my ###### off

    LOL --> laughs out loud

    LSHIPMP --> Laughed so hard I peed my pants

    MAOI --> Monoamine Oxide Inhibitor

    MD --> manic-depression: (Noun) same as bipolar disorder, just an older term

    MD--medical doctor (noun) (another reason for the change to the term BAD)

    MI --> mental illness

    MIA - missing in action


    MOM --> Mom, Mother

    NE --> norepinephrine

    NPD --> Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    NT --> neurotransmitter

    OCD --> Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    OMG --> Oh My Gawd, Oh my G*d, Oh my gosh, or Oh my Goodness!

    pdoc --> psychiatrist

    ppl --> people

    PTSD --> Post traumatic stress disorder

    RE --> regarding

    ROFL --> rolling on the floor laughing

    ROFLMAO --> rolling on the floor laughing my ###### off

    Rx --> (n): prescription

    SAD --> Social Anxiety Disorder

    SAD --> seasonal affective disorder

    SDAD --> Step Dad


    SMOM --> Step Mom

    SIS --> Sister

    SO --> significant other

    SSRI --> selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

    SZ --> schizophrenia (n) /schizophrenic

    tdoc --> therapist or psychologist

    tia --> thanks in advance

    tmi --> to much information

    ttfn --> tata for now

    TY --> Thankyou

    Tx --> Thanks

    welp --> (top secret)

    WELP --> err, nobody really knows, just roll with it

    wtb --> wheres the beef

    WTF --> what the f*ck

    wth? --> what the hell

    YMMV --> Your mileage may vary

    YW --> you're welcome

    Zoom --> Person is manic
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