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Project Trauma Support is a Canadian program that addresses Post Traumatic Stress and Operational Stress Injury in military personnel, veterans, and first responders.

This Program promotes connection and honors the warrior story and spirit by promoting time-tested values and unconditional acceptance. In doing so, the program helps participants transition from post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth.

Our team consists of mental health professionals and police and military officers who have extensive lived experience.

Our goal is to provide timely access and deliver effective help to those suffering from service-related trauma. We aim to support our colleagues to minimize their distress and help them to remain active and healthy in their lives. We recognize the great contribution made by those who protect us and our mission is to empower them to continue to serve.

Veterans Affairs Canada to support 96 veterans enroll in Project Trauma Support

Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is very pleased to have received funding today from Veterans Affairs Canada for Project Trauma Support, an innovative program addressing Post-Traumatic Stress and Operational Stress Injury.

The three-year project, announced in Montreal today by Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan, will support 96 veterans to enroll in this innovative program based in Perth, Ontario.  Project Trauma Support is led by Dr. Manuela Joannou and a team of professionals and peer mentors.

Project Trauma Support, a proud project of MDSC, is a community-based, 6-day residential program that employs a sanctuary model to create a safe and restorative environment in which veterans, military members, first responders and correctional officers find healing from PTSD. This physician-led multi-modal program integrates group and individual psychotherapeutic (narrative therapy, logotherapy), psychoeducational (emotional regulation, schema therapy) and activity-based interventions (team-building activities and equine-assisted learning) to help participants reconnect with, process and find meaning in their journey, and re-establish healthy relationships. Gaining new insights, new tools and healthy coping mechanisms leads to shifts in perception that have enabled participants to move forward in their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about this program visit the website here

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