Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is very pleased to have received funding today from Veterans Affairs Canada for Project Trauma Support, an innovative program addressing Post-Traumatic Stress and Operational Stress Injury.

The three-year project, announced in Montreal today by Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan, will support 96 veterans to enroll in this innovative program based in Perth, Ontario.  Project Trauma Support is led by Dr. Manuela Joannou and a team of professionals and peer mentors.

Project Trauma Support, a proud project of MDSC, is a community-based, 6-day residential program that employs a sanctuary model to create a safe and restorative environment in which veterans, military members, first responders and correctional officers find healing from PTSD. This physician-led multi-modal program integrates group and individual psychotherapeutic (narrative therapy, logotherapy), psychoeducational (emotional regulation, schema therapy) and activity-based interventions (team-building activities and equine-assisted learning) to help participants reconnect with, process and find meaning in their journey, and re-establish healthy relationships. Gaining new insights, new tools and healthy coping mechanisms leads to shifts in perception that have enabled participants to move forward in their lives.

“Project Trauma Support is providing effective, timely interventions for veterans suffering from PTSD and we see the significant positive impact the program is having within the lives of these incredible people going through it, as well as their family members. It is truly remarkable and we are very grateful to have received this funding to support these veterans”, says MDSC’s National Executive Director, Dave Gallson.

This project aligns with the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund’s programs objectives and priorities in several ways, including; addressing mental health concerns, enhancing well-being, supporting families, conducting research/gathering evidence, and providing sustainable interventions that have the potential for expansion. Project Trauma Support is growing and has a number of weekly peer support groups in various communities across Canada that are led by graduates of the program.

“Our focus in the program is to support our brave men and women so they can find meaning in their experiences and go on to enjoy active and healthy lives and relationships. An atmosphere of compassion, understanding and unconditional acceptance is the context in which care is provided, fostering recovery and healing.” states Dr. Manuela Joannou.

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