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    Not sure if this is where i post my anger and frustration, but, I'm having so many issues with my dad right now. He always tries to override my decisions with my son. I am so sick of it. I am 30 years old and i am a very good mother. So why does he feel the need to do this?!?!? One time we got into it so bad that he put his hand up at me like he was gonna hit me. Right in front of my son. :*( We didn't speak for about 4 months. He came back a few times, knocking on my door but I didn't answer it. After 4 months i decided to let him into my house. He apologized. I thought it would be a start for some changes. I decided to give him another chance. He still has never fully changed anything and still does things i ask him not to do. He scares me sometimes and i'm always worried i'm gonna get into it with him. I really don't know what to do. One time it was something so simple. My dad came to my house wanted to have my son overnight. i said it was fine but i asked him to monitor what he was watching a little better, on T.V because he was watching ghost shows and got really scared. My dad, being the ******* that he is, flipped on me saying "he will watch whatever the ***** he wants to watch because its his house and he will do what he wants". So i got upset and tried opening his truck door to get my son out and he drove off, mad, with my son inside. I was so angry and hurt at him for that. I was very tempted to call the cops but i couldn't. Not sure what to do in this situation. Recently i've asked him not to do certain things AGAIN, and he seems to think hes doing nothing wrong. i'm very close to cutting off all contact with him but i'm trying so hard not to do that because i want my son to have his family. i care about my dad, not sure why, but my caring is fading very quickly for him. don't know what to do. any help or advice would be great. thank you :*(
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      Jafar, I expect you have been following the recent news that Facebook itself has become concerned about the effect social media has on us. What a surprise! LOL.


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        I'm 65 an my mood has been up an down since 2002 when the only woman I ever wanted to be with died. I have become very introverted since i retired in 2006 had a relationship for awhile an with 2 special needs kids young adult an jouvenile theres not a lot of time for me so I've reverted to my introverted state.Anti-depressants keep me from totally going off the rails an forget dating sites waste of time an money. I enjoy my cats an that's what it will be. I realize its me right now an that's the way it will be.Unhappy but not crazy.