Resource Links


Depression Hurts - A website dedicated to providing information, tools, and supports for people affected by depression and their families and caregivers. Available in English, French, Chinese, and Punjabi.

What is Depression? - An easy-to-understand informational resource book exploring different types of Depression, their symptoms, treatments, and recovery.

What are Anxiety Disorders? - A summary of different types of Anxiety Disorders, their impact, causes, and recovery.

What is Bipolar Disorder? - A book all about Bipolar Disorder, its symptoms, causes, and treatments for patients and their families.

Workplace Mental Health - A handbook book and related online resources that provide both employees and employers with guidance about promoting positive Mental Health in the Workplace.

Medications and You - A resource book about the different types of medications for the treatment of mental illness and information about the recovery process.

Cannabis and You - A comprehensive guide to Cannabis to provide you with an understanding of its legalization, buying, safety, benefits, and risks.

What Better Feels Like - First-person recounts of what it means to recover from depression and an accompanying Guide to Maintaining Wellness.

Disability Support Information - Links to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) information about tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities, their supporting family members, and caregivers.