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Why me? no woman would want me with this addiction..and I think im too ugly anyways

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    Why me? no woman would want me with this addiction..and I think im too ugly anyways

    no woman would want me with this addiction..and I think im too ugly anyways

    on: Today at 09:06:35 PM
    Ok, i posted in the depression section about my ugliness to attract a nice looking girl im attracted to but i also have another so i never watched porn a lot till i was about 14 when i got a new tablet I stumbled across it some
    how and I have watched on pornhub quite a bit maybe 2-3 times a day max sometimes not sometimes not at all but majority at least once im 19 now and had no idea about the consequences of my *** life while watching! If i knew the consequences i never would have! I thought its just videos no harm no foul! Now when i orgasm my ejaculation is less depending how many times i watch a day and sometimes doesn't come out if i have done it a lot it gets stuck in my penis even when i reach orgasm! But i have tried to quit multiple times and masturbation included im still trying but I relapse cause i get horny asf and can't handle it i don't think its so much the videos but the horniess is unbearable. It breaks my heart and makes me feel guilty i can't possibly please a girl because thats all i want to do. Im sure its just a matter a time before she would leave me. im trying my best to make an effort because i would love a girl more than anything in this world and I would give up porn for her any day forever! It really does bring tears to my eyes knowing how disappointing I would be to her. She wouldn't ask for it and she deserves much better than me. She would probably resent her love completely or will start falling out of love with me. i'm embarrassed ashamed as a man that I can't please her cause a man is suppose to make his woman happy and i can't do that do i even deserve her at all? Is my *** life messed up forever and i can never be fixed and im broken? and no im not doing viagra cause i have heard that it still don't help men with porn induced erectile dysfunction but i mean I don't know at the same time if i should? Im scared to death about a relationship with a girl!

    Hello Itdoesntmatter. I don't have a cure all answer for you. One of the greatest problems with porn is that it can give a person an unrealistic view of ***. A person can also become addicted to porn. You would best talking this over with a specialist if possible.

    If you go to the about us webpage of the MDSC and look up the bio on John Starzynski, President of the Mood Disorders Society of Canada . If you read his bio you will see that he has taken a variety of courses about addiction , including , *** addiction. I don't know why he took it, but I presume it was either need or a desire to update his resume. My point is a ***ual addiction can be an addiction like any other addiction. Take Care, paul m
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    Together we can do so much"
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