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It has been awhile but troubles again.

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    It has been awhile but troubles again.

    Tis the season for messed up crap. My better half has been in a down slope for a good 8 months. Ever since she retired from her Social Worker job on the front line. It seems like it has come to a head today. She was very upset and angry about feeling like no one cares. Now I not not perfect in any way, but I do try. I try to listen when she needs me to and I try to hear what she is saying. Seems like right now none of that works. The world is against her and I am part of that world. I have had to work more hours and more on calls to try and make ends meet financially. I am tired when I get home and it is no excuse to not be there but at times it does make it hard to be what she needs at that moment. She is now threatening to leave both me and her son. She wans to end things. I don't think she means her life but our relationship. I don't want this but what can I do or say to maybe let her know that she is needed and thought of. I am at a loss. Things seemed ok then BOOM things were not.

    Thanks for your council and advice

    Hi Derek. It sounds like you’re in a tough spot. How are things going? It’s hard to ride the emotional waves of loved ones.

    I can relate to the ‘all seems ok and then boom.’ I suspect all is not okay, but at some point it just spills out.

    It seems that feelings always find a way out, whether it’s a slow trickle or a boom. The hard part is finding healthy ways to express them as they come up.

    Have you had a conversation when things are not in the ‘boom’ state?

    Humans punish themselves endlessly
    for not being what they believe they should be.
    -Don Miguel Ruiz-