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Factors that effect drug treatment outcome

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    That makes sense. The elation and depression are so frustrating when you can't find the happy medium.
    I have been taken off my Seroquel and put on Abilify. What an amazing change!!! The extreme anger is gone, the doped up foggy feeling is gone and I can cook again!! YAYYY! (My family is so thankful for that one) I have even found a hobby that I find relaxing and is for me and its relatively inexpesnive to start. KNITTING!! I love it. I am working on a baby blanket. It helps keep my mind focused and because I can't multi-task with it yet, it keeps the junk out of my brain while I am busy with my hands. I also don't find myself snacking so the weight management is easier too.
    Hope you find this encouraging!!


      I really enjoy knitting, it is very relaxing...I am not very good though, I can only knit scarves and not very good ones either
      Take Care,

      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying...
      "I will try again tomorrow."


        I'm glad the med changes are helping you beachlovingmama! I truly wish for you that it continues!


          Hello All. First I'm glad that your med change is working out for youbeachlovingmama. I'm all for trying different meds if one isn't working out for someone, differering doses can make a big difference too.

          I myself got caught up in the docs "well give it a bit more time" or "this may be as good as it gets" etc etc. I wasted a lot of years doing that.

          Unfortunately the other side of the coin is how long do we give a med and when do we take it. I postively hate seroquel, but it is my go to drug when things really get out of wack. It was also the drug that allowed my mind to heal enough so that I could once again make at least some rational decisions. (I am not advocating for seroquel what so ever).

          Each person has to be aware of what a drug is to do and what the long term plans for treatment are. Unfortunately docs aren't very forth coming with long terms plans. Like "hey paul , Your pretty mentally exhausted, your rapid cycling and your illnesses is getting worse, lets try 1800mg lithium, 600 mg of seroquel and add a little lorazepam on a prn basis for anxiety, and see if we can't get your moods to smooth out for 6 mths. Then we'll see about less drastic alternatives, if things are the same or worse in 6 wks, we'll try something different."

          Unfortunately not too many docs say that. However I have learned to ask for that info and ask about the alternatives, it's not perfect, but it's better than suffering in silence.
          "Alone we can do so little;
          Together we can do so much"
          Helen Keller


            Hello Everyone,
            I am new here, was diagnosed with Bipolar but never accepted it, but due to a few doctors confirming and a physichatrist a few years ago, still didnt think it was Bipolar, now I am convinced with me getting older its quiet apparent in my mood swings and depression, amongst the list with Bipolar is ADHD. I have never been able to find the right meds, was just seeing my doctor for everything but now I need to see a specialist.

            I am starting a new family doctor in Septemeber and on a waiting list for a physchatrist in between right now, cant get any new meds and rapid cycling sometimes with Wellbutrin, which seems to help my depression but not my mood swings still and anger issues. What to do in the meantime, someone have any suggestions, I am also in College right now and grades are starting to fall because my brain is going to fast, not sure where everyone is but I am near Barrie, ON..does anyone have suggestions...It's so nice to find people that are going through the samething.


              Hello & welcome. I find people here very helpful with personal experiences. You will too I am sure.


                Hello WeAllNeedLove and welcome. Trying to get the right diagnosis is important, but getting the right meds is even more important. Almost everyone who has bipolar seems to have an additional problem or two. Whether that be anxieties, a personality disorder or something else. Part of the problem is that bipolar presents itself differently at different times in everyone so it's truly difficult to tell if a problem is a new illness or just part of bipolar acting a little different.

                The best explaination I ever got was from a doctor who regarded bipolar as a collection of different illness that vary in intensity from time to time and individual to individual. Thus he tended to treat the symptoms and not the illness.

                Your GP can prescribe various meds, but if you are a college student you should be registered with the schools disability services center. They can often get you in to see a psychiatrist sooner and they can explain what accomadations the school must provide for you. All universities and colleges that recieve federal funding must provide these special services. If you go to Georgian College their program can be accesed at

                Barrie, Midland and Orillia also have self help support groups that might be of interest to you. The MDAO maintains a list that you can access at Just click on the area that you want to know about.

                Keep asking questions, here and elsewhere, the more you learn about your illness and the possible treatments the better. Take Care. paul m
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                "Alone we can do so little;
                Together we can do so much"
                Helen Keller


                  Welcome to the forums WEALLNEEDLOVE.

                  Humans punish themselves endlessly
                  for not being what they believe they should be.
                  -Don Miguel Ruiz-


                    Hi weallneedlove,

                    I think that Paul made a good point about getting in touch with your school's office for disabilities. This can be a great resource for you when you are trying to complete your studies. They can often offer alternatives to exam writing situations and sometimes help out by allowing more extended timelines to write tests or do assignments. There may be other things that they can do for you, it depends on your school and you particular issues. I was involved with my disabilities office in my last year of undergrad. It didn't end up being helpful to me because I was so far gone that I had to drop out. I know how difficult it can be to focus on your school work when your mind is a screaming mess. I just couldn't read anymore and none of my cognitive functions were working.

                    When I went back to school, I eased into it by taking a lighter course load which really helped me to not get overly stressed out.

                    I hope that you find the help that you need. Medications can take a while to sort out. I am also on Wellbutrin and I find that it does help with the depression. I haven't had any mania symptoms while on the Wellbutrin so I don't know if it would exacerbate that aspect of the bipolar for me.

                    be well,