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Trintellix (Vortioxetine)

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    Trintellix (Vortioxetine)

    This is my first post here. I am seeking information as to what peoples experience has been with Trintellix. I am currently on low dose 5mg combined with 450mg dose of wellburutin for tx of Moderate/severe depression. I have been on this regiment for last 3 weeks. Prior to that I was on 10 mg of Cipralex. I was put on the Trilellix to improve cognition and memory. The Cipralex was dropped. So far I have not notice any significant changes since changing other than increased anxiety and inability to stick to one task.My mood has not seen a real boost, in fact there are days where it is not good at all with increased feelings hopeless and sadness. No desire to interact with others or pursue leisure activities.
    If other consumers are using Trintellix I would be interested to hearing about your experiences, in particular if you have or are using it in combination with Wellbutrin. In short I am concerned about long term effects of Tritellix as it is a relatively new medication and has not been used very long so I am concerned that we may not fully know the long term effects of Trintellix. Thanks all.
    Sunny Day

    Welcome to the forum Sunny day. I have no personal experience with the medication.

    Here's a site to start with for information about the drug. .You may have already done your own reading. A good resource for information is your pharmacist. You may have to arrange a time when the pharmacy is not too busy so you are not rushed.

    (As a note) There is an interaction with Wellbutrin. It is managed by a lower dose given of Vortioxetine than without the Wellbutrin.

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      Hello Sunny Day (I love your name), and welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting; I'm glad you did. This is a great place to connect, and learn, and share, and vent, etc.

      I understand what it is to feel hopeless and sad while trying to get medication sorted out. I wish I could help you with the medication question, but this is the first time I've heard of Trintellix. Do you know of any particular reason your doctor chose it to try? Sometimes knowing the reason behind it can shed some light on things.

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        Hi Sunny Day,

        I was on trintellix for a bit last fall. I found it took awhile to kick in, but it did really help with concentration. After I went off trintellix, I went to Wellbutrin. I never had them together, so I can't really help with that.

        If you have more questions, let me know.