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Looking for a counsellor/psychologist in Ottawa

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    Looking for a counsellor/psychologist in Ottawa

    Hi there,

    Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Looking for a counsellor/psychologist who can help with bipolar, adhd, family dynamics concerns. It is important to me to find someone who is a Christian/spiritual.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the forum smakelijk11. Maybe someone who lives in that area can jump in. This website might narrow done your search somewhat, but I'm sure there would still be a very long list. It's always a bit of a trial and error finding someone who you're comfortable with, that is also helpful. Good luck with your search.

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      Hello Smakelijk11. If you go to , which is the asscoation of Christian councillors and pschotherapsit. There are several listed around Ottawa and you can plug in other cities as well. I do not know how well this organisation works or what standards they may have as I have never used them. Let us know what they are like if you give them a try. Thx and Take Care. paul m
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