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Benefits of knowing about Health Cda's website

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    Benefits of knowing about Health Cda's website

    Hello Everyone. I tend to criticize Health Cda from time to time, but they do have some good info on their website. .

    For example if you want to ck to see if there are any recent health product problems or recalls of a product you can go to You can also do like I did and sign up for automatic email notification of any problems with drug and health products.

    Believe it or not, if it's a voluntary recall of a drug product, you probably won't get a call from your drug store advising you of this recall. However if you see a voluntary recall you can usually take your recalled meds in and get a replacement. You can also sign up for any food, auto etc recalls or problems.

    The area that I use most to find out info about any medications that I use is the Drug Product Data Base This data base provides a wealth of info on the meds that we take.

    Health Cda's website isn't the most user friendly website that I've came across, but it does have a done of info. Take Care. paul m
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    Very cool Paul thanks for this info. I like the idea of knowing about recall I will sign up. I rely heavily on the FDA,CDC,and John Hopkins data base.

    Buddy Mack.
    "If we new what we were doing we wouldn't call it research......" Albert Einstein


      Thank you Paul for these links I will be signing up as well.