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Seeing psychiatrist for the first time

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    Seeing psychiatrist for the first time

    Hello all, my heading is a little misleading. I have seen psychiatrists a few times. The first was over 10 years ago when I had my first episode of depression (I have many other things going on during these episodes too). The psychiatrist was vet strange and asked me a lot of questions while a young nurse took notes. 2 months later I went to see counsellor for the first time, I was much better and no longer taking anti-depressant. I never got help again from mental health. That psychiatrist was an awful doctor and didn't even see me again or discuss possible diagnosis. I had a really bad episode a few years ago but worked through it with my GP and other private counsellor. Again no diagnosis.

    I really thought it would never happen again and had a million reasons why. Well it did. This time I had an emergency room psychiatrist because I wasn't at home. He thought I was manic, wouldn't give me sleeping pills (I hadn't slept in a few days because anti depressants make sleep bad, I had never taken a sleeping pill but I thought it seemed like a good thing to ask for given my current sleeping and state of mind). He told me he can't persecute sleeping pills and prescribed me an anti-psychotic which he told me to take high dose at night and low dose for anxiety during day. Long story short, it didn't make me sleep really and I only took it three times, it made things way worse. GP finally prescribed sleeping pill over phone which did the trick.

    So I have decided to go get clinical help but am quite skeptical about psychiatrist. Any pointers? What are they going to ask me? What are they interested in? Will they listen to my whole story? Will they just try and make me take more meds? Really not very trusting after serequel.

    thanks for the help

    Welcome to the forums Mysteriousminddkj.

    Seeing a psychiatrist for the first time can be a bit unnerving. Having an idea of what to expect can be helpful.

    A good psychiatrist should have an an initial assessment that lasts at least an hour, in my humble opinion, any less is not very thorough.

    He or she will probably ask you a lot of questions about your physical health, mental health, and also a lot of questions that will give information about family health history.

    Questions will probably include asking you about prescription and non prescription drugs used. They should also include questions about alcohol and any illicit drug use.

    He or she may also ask you to give consent to pull any previous hospital records.

    You might find it helpful to have your 'whole story' written down, at least the key points. A list of medication that you have been on, and are currently taking is also helpful.

    Unfortunately the only way to have 'quick' access to a psychiatrist is in the ER. However, the backdrop of emergency medicine does not always lend itself easily for a thorough assessment.


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      Hello Mysteriousminddkj and welcome to the forum. I can't add much to what AJ has said. In regards to " will they listen to your whole story"? Maybe , but you will have to keep it concise and to the point. It may even be preferable to write out a couple page dialogue in advance and allow the shrink to read it. You may not b able to tell your whole story in a couple of pages, but at least touch on the highlights. Any more than a couple of pages, and he/she probably won't read it. (just my opinion and not fact).
      PDoc's also love mood charts as they can tell at a glance what your moods were over a period of time. In regards to medication, everyone reacts differently and all you can do is tell the Pdoc that seroquel wasn't for you. Good Luck and Take Care. paul m
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