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Third week on Wellbutrin... still waiting for positive effects

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    Third week on Wellbutrin... still waiting for positive effects


    I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past few years. Although I've made tremendous progress mentally due to consulting a therapist, I still feel unmotivated to do things on a daily basis, and in general just feeling down having little energy, so I decided to try medication. The psychiatrist first prescribed Aventyl (Nortriptyline), and after taking it for 3 days, I felt much worse than before... just not seeing the point in doing anything and whatever small motivation that I previously had was gone. So I stopped it and went back to the doctor. This time, he prescribed Wellbutrin (Bupropion).

    I was taking 100mg Bupropion SR (generic) for about 2 weeks. I felt somewhat better the first 2 days but then felt really tired and unmotivated again. One day, after taking it for a little less than two weeks, I felt slightly better again. I went back to see the doctor and he upped the dose to 150mg XL instead of SR. Today is my third day on the 150mg XL. I was feeling really great on the first day, I felt like I had alot of energy and could have many things done. Second day, I was energetic and in a positive mood at first, but then it faded maybe around 4 hours later and I went back to feeling tired and unmotivated. Today, I felt really emotional and felt like crying when I was in public, I feel unmotivated and have no energy at all, I just want to be alone with minimal social interaction and am not happy with my life at all.

    I will soon complete the third week on this drug and still no positive effects. Does anyone have experience with Wellbutrin? What are your thoughts?

    Hi pat121,

    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum!
    I do not have any experience with Wellbutrin, only with depression and lack of motivation. It's no fun!!
    I hope that you find the right med/dosage soon.

    Take care,


      Hi pat121 and welcome to the forums. Here is a link to some Wellbutrin drug information that you might find helpful.

      The trial and error of finding medication that is both helpful and tolerated can be frustrating. It is however worth the effort.

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