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    Medications for anxiety

    I have had depression for 40 years and anxiety for 30 years.

    My anxiety manifests in excessive sweating. When Im having anxiety, more likely than not, I am sweating. Not all the time can other people tell that Im sweating but there are times when people can tell. I would rather have a rapid heartbeat as opposed to sweating
    I started taking Xanax [pronounced Zan-axe] (1.5 mg per day) and I turned my life around. I couldnt work before Xanax but I was working while on Xanax.

    But my doctor didnt like me being on Xanax. I live in Canada and the College of Medicine frowned upon the use of Xanax. I entered hospital and I came off Xanax. That was 7 months but my anxiety attacks are severe and I have asked my doctor for a substitute to Xanax, but Im not sure what I can take.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could take instead of Xanax, which I was on. The anxiety is so bad that I am willing to go back on Xanax but my doctor will not prescribe it to me. What tranquilser can I take that will help with my anxiety.

    I have taken Quintipine (Seroquel) but it didnt help. I am taking propanonol , a beta blocker, but it does nothing to help. I see my doctor in about a week and I want to know what valid options I have.

    Is there anyone taking Xanax and your doctor doesn’t have a problem with that. In Canada, my impression is that Xanax is considered a dirty drug?

    Thank you

    ​​​​​​​Ps, I have tried mindfulness, meditation, CBT, etc but I dont feel it helps with my anxiety

    Xanax is a benzodiazepine. All of them are addictive. That's probably why your doctor doesn't want you on it long term. I'm not aware of any anxiety meds other than benzos and beta blockers, so I can't be too helpful there, but I hope others can chime in with suggestions that you can talk to your doctor about.
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      I have been taking a clonezepam for several years to aid with anxiety. The trouble with these types of drugs (beyond the addictive aspect) is they lose their effectiveness. Thus, some doctors are only willing to use benzodiazepines for short term use. There are certain anti depressants that are used to help with the treatment of anxiety, so this could be something to consider.


        I am aware of Clonazepam but I dont know what my doctor thinks about it. I am just trying to find out all the possible options of what I could try. My pharmacist suggested Valium but I forgot to ask him about Valium and would he be willing to prescribe it.

        Im just looking at what my options will be

        Thank you


          Well, the point I was trying to make is all of these drugs (including valium) are benzodiazepines. This may prevent your doctor from prescribing another one as they all have the same issues- chance of addiction, building up a tolerance quickly. Again, I suggest looking into anti depressants, there are several- Lexapro, Celexa, Paxil etc. that are used to treat anxiety. It may also be fair to ask to be put back on a benzo until something long term can take effect, but this is just my opinion.


            Valium has a very long half life and is a good benzodiazepine to switch people to when weaning them off benzodiazepines, but it would not be my first choice for a benzo to take. Usually psychiatrists prescribe Clonazepam. I do however also think that anti depressants with anti anxiety properties are a better option.

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              Hello Maceasar/ I take lorazepam. While all benzo's have a rep for addiction I have not found it so with Lorazepam. The is a big difference between clonazpam , zanax and lorazepam. That difference is in the 1/2 life with lorazepam having a half life of only 4 hrs. If you don't take it 3 and 4 times a day it will be out of your system the next day. This lessons the chance of addiction. The other benefit of lorazepam is that you can get it in instant release formula (you put it under your tongue and it dissolves directly into you system). This gives you more control when you want to take it.

              One of the reasons that people get addicted to benzo's is because doctors prescribe something like clonazepam for morning , noon and night. With a fairly long 1/2 life this means that it is always in your system instead of being there only when you need it. Take Care. paul m
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