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Celexa for anxiety,do I even need the drugs??

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    Celexa for anxiety,do I even need the drugs??

    Hello everyone,I'm new member,I joined the group looking for people with similar experience and seeking not necessarily advice but more like is my story.

    In November I was on a trip abroad .the travel was long 15 hours of flight.on second night I got what started as mild nose bleed.usualy I never had problem stopping the bleeding but after hour of trying I started to get concerned, nothing worked.the stress build up,and 2 hours later I was I the state of panic ,scrambling to call my insurance to see which hospital should I go to.i was shaky ,my speech was stumbled and everything was spinning,I was sure I'm having stroke.after they stopped the bleeding by burning bursted artery I returned to my hotel.this is when everything started,hell break loose!!I was lying in bed, shaking like I was freezing and everything was spinning,I felt like I need to throw up.long story short,I went to emergency abroad 2 times because I was sure I'm dying so in my head at least they can save me.they run tests including CT scan , everything came back ok.same when I got back home.Diziness and nausea continue for 2 weeks at this point all day every day.went to ER same outcome.Went to see my GP,and after telling him what happened,his diagnosis was very fast.You had anxiety panic attack!
    He put me on 20 celexa and said well continue it for 6 months.the nausea and diziness went away,and I actually really like how Celexa made me feel.i was calm,patient and happy,unlike before,my personality was usually short tempered,easily get angry, constantly worry about life,health and family and that something will go wrong.yeah sound like generalized anxiety.i really hated being that guy,so I took Celexa for 3 weeks,it was complete difference,even my wife told me she really like that new me, patient and calm.But I started to be concerned about few things.

    -im executive , running kitchen in high end private club ,I need to be making crucial decision every day,thing need to be executed without second guessing and with afraid that this laid back no stress attitude Celexa has on me will interfere with my job,not being able to be on my toes,and can even shoot to pieces my creativity and my memory.

    My GP said that the drug will help regulate and adjust chemicals in my brain,but from what I see,Celexa has nothing to do with production of serotonin.what if after 6 months I discontinue the drug,I'll go back to being angry,short tiered asshole I was before? I don't want to be that guy anymore.than I would have to continue to take the pill God know how long ,and I don't know that either.

    So if I understand correctly,as long as you take the pill all is ok,but how to stay like that without it? Is there are even chance of this happening? Not to mention I'm terrified of the side effects like erectile dysfunction,and others.

    Considering my anxiety not being very severe,are there any other options? Should I give the meds go? Should I stay away if possible?
    Any opinions is welcome and appreciated.

    Hi Chefe and welcome to the forum. It sounds like Celexa has made a positive difference for you. I would recommend having a frank chat with your pharmacist and doctor. It seems to me that so far the benefits like ' calm, patient, and happy' would probably be a good thing for your work. Perhaps you can delay thinking about the what if after 6 months. The need for the drug should be reevaluated at some point, but not yet. Erectile dysfunction and other potential side effects are important concerns that your pharmacist and doctor can address with you.

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      Yes ,it really did,and yes I at the point where I'm just sick and tired of being constantly angry,negative and worry about everything,thinking everyone I come across is trying to screw me over or use to they benefits,not to mention having 2 boys 3 and 1 year old require patience and understanding.after all I don't want to rise them in unpleasant environment.there is enough broken kids need for more.


        Hello and welcome Chefe. There are many medications that work on anxiety and/or panic attacks. There is also therapy treatments. The most usual one is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). When CBT works well the outcome is no more drugs to take or at least lessor doses. The biggest problems with CBT is that it can be expensive to take if it's not covered by a benefit plan, You also have to be in the right frame of mind to absorb the lessons of CBT.

        I cannot make a judgement if you would still need celxa after 6 mths. Most people that I know would need to continue to take it. (unless the learn to control their attacks another way). If you click on the following link you will get a lot of info. Citalopram (celexa) works by preventing the uptake of one neurotransmitter, serotonin, by nerve cells after it has been released. (quote from the above website) So it does have a serotonin connection.Please feel free to ask more questions. Take Care. paul m
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          Thank you Paul M,I was more thinking if I need to take Celexa at all.that time on my trip,it was the first time ever I had panic attack,for obvious reasons of course,and as for anxiety,I'm not sure if my GP could've diagnosed me so fast ,just base on my events not denying,I probably have generalized anxiety ,but I also think it is really mild one, hence the question for drug need in first place.