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how to lose weight while on medication for Bipolar

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    I take lithium and Saphris and lost 20kgs whilst on these medications 2 years ago. I’ve more or less kept it off, I’m now 3kgs heavier but I know I can loose that easy with the same method.

    I started doing more exercise, but I used a modified version of intermittent fasting and a low sugar, low carb diet. This is how I lost the weight and continue to keep it off:
      1. I quit alcohol. Not for everyone but it’s full of sugar, my mood is so much better without it too.
      2. A few days a week depending on how quick I want to loose weight I do the following: 1 x boiled egg in the morning with my morning lithium dose; no lunch, meat or fish and veggies for dinner with my 2nd lithium dose. I have 1 cappuccino in the morning. I found I could do this 4 times a week mid week but I’m not a Doctor so get advice on this. Intermittent fasting works but you’ve gotta modify it to fast during the day, in between meds doses and I know with lithium you need to eat with it, not a huge amount, but something. If you eat at 6:30am and 6:30pm that’s a 12 hour fast. I never had a problem with a dose with just 1 boiled egg, and I never had any problems fasting 4 lunches a week.
      3. Friday night I eat anything. Saturday and Sunday you can eat anything for 1 meal but you gotta eat light the other 2. I found I’d loose 2kgs mon- thurs then put 1kgs back on over the weekend loosing a nett of 1kg a week.
      4. I allow myself only 1 sugar drink a week like Coke. Drink water, sparkling mineral water or occasionally kombucha.
      5. Unnatural sugar is a no no. Fruit is ok.
      6. Try to eat carbs only around exercise.

    I have found it easy fasting for lunch while on lithium, you might find this surprising but I actually find it helps. My concentration and energy at work is better when I fast at lunch compared to if I eat something. In my view, we just don’t need to be eating 3 meals a day but you have to work your fasting around your medication times.