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Help with split personality dis.

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    Help with split personality dis.

    Long story short, Iíve had minor issues with self identity since I was a kid when I was beaten by my father (not constant - but periodically..) and just recently Iíve been having full conversations with two different versions of myself.

    Usually after Iím done work, around 1:30-2:00 am

    It will happen when I get closer to the highway and have free range to go do whatever I want, wherever I want. I will mentally clock out as myself (the guy that just finished his shift) and wake up as either the playboy version of myself or the sad and lonely child.

    The millionaire playboy will go out to bars and flirt, boast, pick up women and womanize them. Heís a pure asshole that takes what he wants and leaves them once he has it. Iíve woken up at bars completely lost on how I got there and who I was talking to.

    The lonely child will channel me to go up north and hide in the forest for hours and hours. Normally under trees and on rainy nights. I will wake up completely soaked through my pants and shirt. Then will drive home like that.

    Long story short, Iím not sure where to put this and if Splits have their own forum in here.

    Also, hello! Iím new here

    It took everything in me to just write that.

    Just want to say hello back & full admiration for having the courage to put that into words.
    I hope someone on here can give you some good advice! It's not the most active or speedy forum but I have read some good things on here. ❤


      Hi Tarantula152. Disassociative disorder is not as uncommon as we might thing. Do you have support from family and friends? Do you have any professional help with this?

      if you are finding yourself in places and situations that you would not normally be in, with no recollection of how the events unfolded, I would encourage you to seek some professional help.

      Thank you for sharing with us.


      Humans punish themselves endlessly
      for not being what they believe they should be.
      -Don Miguel Ruiz-


        Hello Tarantula152 and welcome to the forum. Take Care. paul m
        "Alone we can do so little;
        Together we can do so much"
        Helen Keller


          Hello Tarantula, and welcome to the forums. Thank you for taking the leap of posting as you did. I hope it has helped a little to put it into words.

          There's no specific place to post about dissociative disorders on the forum, so unless AJ or Paul instruct otherwise, having it under bipolar may be as good as any.

          Reading your post prompted me to look up "associative identity disorder" aka "split personality disorder" and I found a straightforward explanation by the American Psychiatric Association. So at least I understand a wee bit now, but not enough about it to be of much help. It does seem that psychotherapy is the most effective treatment though.

          I suspect, as AJ said, that it's more common than we think. I've sometimes wondered if my mother had it, or something similar. One woman who attended the same mental health clinic as me wrote a book about her experiences. She had a good therapist and made great progress, although it took quite a while. Is long term therapy an option for you if that's what it would take? I wish I could be of more help, but that's all I've got right now.

          ~ it's always worth it ~


            Still waiting to see a psychologist. Will give more info once I have that first meet!

            Thanks for all the support everyone ❤️


              Looking forward to hearing how it goes, Tarantula. Fingers crossed for you!

              ~ it's always worth it ~