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Boyfriend No Longer Feels Love

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    Boyfriend No Longer Feels Love

    My boyfriend of a year has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II. He says he feels numb and no longer feelings loving feeling towards anything or anyone. He says in his heart he knows he loves me, but he just doesn’t feel the feelings anymore.

    I am trying very hard to be supportive and he says he doesn’t want us to end. But he doesn’t say I love you anymore, even when I say it to him. I am trying not to be insecure but I’m feeling down about myself and I feel disconnected from him. I want to help him but he pushes me away. I’m left feeling like I don’t know anything about the relationship anymore.

    Is this something that happens often to people when they are going through depressive episodes of Bipolar? Will feelings of happiness and love come back eventually?
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    Welcome to the forum East_Coast11. I'm sorry to hear that it has been so difficult for you. Unfortunately mental illness affects those in a relationship with that person. I know it's no consolation but I bet he feels numb about almost everything not just you. With proper treatment he can be well again. It's not an easy road to wellness, but it is possible.

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      Hello and welcome East_Coast11 . I know it's hard but try and not feel down about yourself. Bipolar is a nasty illness and often gives us feelings that are not rooted in facts. It is possible that when he receives proper treatment that his feelings for you will come back.
      For myself when I was having episodes it was very hard for me to care about anyone, myself included. Take Care. paul m
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