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Medication I've been taking for more than 13 years

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    Medication I've been taking for more than 13 years

    I hear people frequently talking about Wellbutrin .. but I don't remember hearing someone talking about the other two ..
    On the other hand .. Prozac and Lithium are always mentioned when talking about mental health issues .. are they related to the three I'm taking ? I'm a bit curious and anxious about this ..
    Would be great if I can hear some second opinions ..
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    Hello Jafar. Fluvoxamine and Prozac are both SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ) that just means that they are in the same class of medications. Each one may react differently to an individual. They both work on the Serotnin in our bodies. Both are Antidepressants (A/D's).. Wellbutrin is a NDRA. (norepinephrine–dopamine reuptake inhibitor) and is also an A/D. It works on the dopamine and norepinephrine in our bodies.

    Some people with bipolar react badly with A/D's and they can send some of us with bipolar straight from depression to mania. Wellbutrin has a reputation for being less likely to cause a person to become manic. Wellburtrin is also often used as an add on to other A/D's.

    Lamotrigine is an anticonvulsant medication, also known as a mood stabilizer. However it is known to be used to treat acute episodes of depression and rapid cycling in bipolar type II and to prevent recurrence in bipolar type I.

    Lithium is the only drug developed for use for a person with bipolar. It is also sometimes used as an anti-depressant and occasionally to treat someone with schizophrenia. I took it for years and it worked very well for me, although at first the side effects were pretty bad. I had to stop taking it as for a number of reasons my kidneys level started to go down and lithium is known to cause that.

    So Fluvoxamine and prozac are related but may have a different result in people. Wellbutrin is a A/D, but has a different mechanism of action. Neither Lamotrigine nor Lithium are related to any of the above meds or to each other. If I haven't been clear on something just ask me again. Take Care. paul m
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