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    New Depression Alternative

    Hello folks. I've been suffering a long time from anxiety first, then depression, and now both off and on throughout the years and I have tried many meds, and tried to make things work, when I finally discovered a product called Etizolam.

    Originally prescribed in Countries like Japan, Italy, but has some very strong antidepressant properties at its regular dose, and it doesn't just address the depression, Etizolam totally takes away all anxiety as well and is very good for people with sleep problems.

    Etizolam works by targeting receptors in the brain called "GABA" Receptors, and is responsible for calming down the CNS under periods of moderate to severe depression and stress, as it also has a calming strong anti-depressant effect, and this is caused by the benzene ring being replaced thiophene ring and triazole ring.

    It possesses amnesic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant properties as well as strong antidepressant properties as I have mentioned above.
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    Hello Every one. My research on this medication shows the following: Q: Why is etizolam sold not for human or animal consumption?

    A: We sell etizolam as a research chemical to further its development etizolam may be harmful if swallowed or ingested and we don't endorse that in any way

    That statement and question is by the drug company itself, saying don't use this medication, Take Care. paul m
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      Thanks for researching and posting that information, Paul. Even if someone may have had a positive experience with a particular substance, if the drug company itself says "don't take it", that's a pretty bright red flag.

      ~ it's always worth it ~