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Can anyone suggest an experienced psychologist?

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    Can anyone suggest an experienced psychologist?

    Hi everyone,
    I am here to find a solution for my friend who is having a social anxiety disorder. From childhood, we were together, so I know about her attitude towards life. She often avoids certain social or performance situations and finds it difficult to adapt to a new environment. As we have completed our studies, our next step is to find a good job and she finds it difficult to work with others due to her anxiety disorder. Before stepping into a career, she needs to get rid of her anxiety. So, I recommended her to go for anxiety therapy in Toronto.

    Hi Poseept and welcome to the forums. Your friend may not be able to 'get rid' of her anxiety, but she can certainly learn how to manage it. Perhaps someone in the Toronto area can chime in here. Checking with the local chapter of CMHA may help. They can point her in the right direction.

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