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    Does anyone else feel lonely, even though you are around other people. Iíve begun to realize that connections I have are mostly superficial .
    Its hard feeling as though you donít fit in , I have much less confidence than I used to have.

    Hi Eagle. I live with another person but when I'm very depressed I feel very much alone in the world. I know in my head that it's not true. I have a spouse, extended family, and a couple of dear friends, but feelings are not necessarily a true reflection of the facts. Sometimes being aware of that only goes so far.

    I think that if I have one or two good friends in my lifetime (people you'd call in a crisis), then I truly am blessed. Growing up I was fortunate enough to have a twin sister. I called her my built in friend. Our childhood had it's hardships, but we always had each other.

    I have found it helpful to 'push' myself out of the urge to withdraw, even for a short while. Sometimes it doesn't make me feel any better, but it does help to make me not feel any more isolated.

    I understand losing some self confidence. Mental illness can certainly do that to a person.

    Humans punish themselves endlessly
    for not being what they believe they should be.
    -Don Miguel Ruiz-


      Hello Eagle. I very much understand the lonely feeling you describe, and it's not a fun place to be.

      It has taken me a , but I've while, but I've managed to get past that superficial level through meeting people at support groups, and getting to know them as friends over time. It's a relief to feel safe and accepted just the way I am, and I've gained more confidence in myself too.

      ~ it's always worth it ~


        Hello Eagle. I can understand your feelings.Take Care. paul m
        "Alone we can do so little;
        Together we can do so much"
        Helen Keller


          I'm afraid depression = lonely. I often think it is the loneliest journey someone can take in life. You get sympathy for cancer or Lupus or MS. Tell someone you have depression and they smirk or think I'm weak. I've often called depression the black cap on my head. Because it makes me severely uninterested in being around others. I have to force myself to be around family or friends. And my confidence is almost non-existent. How can we be confident when our brains are being hijacked? Loneliness and lack of confidence are usually signs that my depression is untreated. And that a trip to the doctor's office is necessary. I just started Wellbutrin and while I'm still a sad sack, I'm more willing to get out with friends at work and on weekends. So glad you posted and I hope you know that on this site ... you are NOT alone.


            Hello, i just joined. I really needed to reach out yesterday but had to wait for the admin to approve my registration. I wish it could be automated, it could help someone who needs help right away.

            Eagle, i am going through the same thing, and know exactly how you feel. I think you can take comfort with the knowledge that alot of people are in the same boat. Just that when you are on a down swing, it just seems like you have no one, and everyone is drifting apart. There are friends at work whom i don't much associate outside of work but are otherwise close and talk about anything. I have some long time friends that are no longer close and seldom speak but we do meet occasionally. I think that's just life as one gets older, and when you get our of your funk, it will all be ok. I'm doing my best to be rational about it, but that fuzzy shadow that's superimposed over me is tough to cast off and it's constantly feeding me dark and sad thoughts.