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Request for Your Participation in a Book About Depression

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    Request for Your Participation in a Book About Depression

    I am currently researching a book that I’m writing about depression.

    I am hoping to help fight the stigma associated with the illness.

    I’m looking to speak to people who might be interested in being featured in it.

    Your anonymity would be secured.

    You would just need to fit the following criteria:

    1. Have a diagnosis of major depression;

    2. Have feared stigma about that diagnosis and as a result kept it a secret from most people;

    3. Ignored or downplayed the symptoms of your depression;

    4. Had your life (family relationships, friendships, work) adversely impacted by choosing to ignore or keep quiet your diagnosis.

    If you are interested in finding out more about this, I would love to hear from you and will answer any questions you may have.

    Please respond through this chat forum and thank you for your time and consideration.

    I would be eager to participate. I am 61 years old and have been battling depression and anxiety since my teenage years. I have seen all of my relationships over the years impacted negatively by my depression; my professional career ended because of bias; and even bias/neglect within the medical community. Most of my recovery from each episode I have had to discover how to do it on my own.


      Good morning,
      Thank you so much for your response! The key parameter for my research is whether or not you fully acknowledged - admitted your depression or kept it hidden (for the most part) from others - trying to function like you did not have a diagnosis of depression. Does this apply to you?


        There is an option on these forums to private message a member on the forum, if they have that option turned on in their settings. The research key parameter questions could be asked in a PM, if you so choose. You'll find this setting under user setting/account/private messaging

        Humans punish themselves endlessly
        for not being what they believe they should be.
        -Don Miguel Ruiz-


          Yes, my private messaging is enabled now. I absolutely hid and denied my depression for many years for professional and personal reasons which I am willing to discuss with you.


            I have only recently began admitting to my depression & anxiety. I have spent most of my life hiding it because of the professional consequences I would have had & because of the stigma associated with it in my personal life. I lost my career in the financial industry because of it & have lost all my “close” friends because they don’t want to deal with it. So, yes, I am quite familiar with the stigma & consequences that remain even today surrounding mental health.


              I'm so sorry to hear that. When you say that you lost your career because of the stigma, what do you mean by that? When you say you lost your friends because they didn't want to deal with it, is it because you had mood swings?


                I held a management position with a top Canadian employer until I had a major depressive episode at work. This is how they discovered I suffered from depression. After being off on sick leave for a period of time, when I was cleared to go back to work I was placed in a clerical position and although fully qualified and having held the position previously, I was denied all promotions I applied for. Their reasoning being that I was less experienced than the other applicants. I had 25 years experience. I called them out on the reasoning which they denied, of course. This eventually lead to another severe episode and have been on Sick Leave from this corporation since 2007.

                I lost my friends mainly because when I was depressed, I would cut myself off from everyone. I would even explain to them what was happening and why and that it wasn't personal or permanent. When I recovered, they all had "reasons" for not being able to get together again. I don't experience mood swings per se. I am a calm, yet happy, talkative person - am told fun to be around. I don't know why these friendships were unable to continue - nobody would tell me even though I did ask if it was me or my illness. I have given up trying to cultivate new friendships because of the pain of losing "close" friends.


                  Thank you for sharing your story. So you didn't keep your depression a secret from work or from your friends?