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    S.A.D Fitting Title

    SAD definitely has the affect of making you sad. The Grey clouds always so dull once in awhile you get that burst of sunshine and it warms your heart.

    Only a couple more months of the SAD season. Try to stay positive everyone


    Thanks Longroadahead.

    My mood was really low for the past several days. Finally I started feeling OK today, not great but better.

    I bought a S.A.D. light and started using it on Monday. It was from Costo in Burlington. Online the price was $99 but at the store it was only $59 so I bought one for me and my co-worker got one too.

    Its a Verilux Happylight Liberty

    I used it on Monday and Tuesday. I plan to use it every day that I am in the office

    I might get one for home for the weekends. I am hopeful that it will help make these next few months easier.


      Hello Dave. Thx for the tip on the S.A.D. That seems like a pretty decent price. Take Care. paul m

      Hello Longroadahead. Thx for the encouragement. Take Care. paul m
      "Alone we can do so little;
      Together we can do so much"
      Helen Keller


        Hey Dave where did you buy the light and does it really work good.

        Buddy Mack.
        "If we new what we were doing we wouldn't call it research......" Albert Einstein


          What do you think of your light so far Dave?

          ~ it's always worth it ~