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    Has anybody gotten it who was short of their requirements? TIA, P.

    Hello Paul57. I'm not sure what you mean by "being short of their requirements" I can't think of anyone that I know who has ever rec'd CPPD who wasn't qualified.

    The basic requirements are that you can't work at any job on a regular basis and that the illness is prolonged and severe. A lot of people have trouble with the phrase "can't work at any job". That can be a tough one, but when you add "on a regular basis " it opens up the field a bit more. For example.many people can volunteer just fine, but give them the same job and they can't do it. The stress of having to earn a paycheck defeats them. The prolonged part is just that pronged and is one place docs often screw up putting down an arbitrary figure when they should put down unknown or possible years. The severe part takes into account not only the illness, but the effects of the medication used to deal with the illness.

    If your job involves handling small parts you may not be able to do the job if you take lithium as lithium can give you the shakes. Take Care. paul m
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