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    Joke Negativity jar

    This is meant to be a joke, although I must say it sometimes rings true for me!

    "Instead of a swear jar, I have a negativity jar. Every time I have pessimistic thoughts, I put a penny in... it's currently half empty."

    ~ it's always worth it ~

    Hello Uni. Some winter/springs I couldn't afford such a jar , but it is a good idea. Take Care. paul m
    "Alone we can do so little;
    Together we can do so much"
    Helen Keller


      I can relate Paul! .maybe an empty peanut butter jar, or if I was lucky, a used sealer from my mom's dill pickles (until she needed it back again).

      Anyway, I feel like my jar is half empty today. There is forest fire smoke in the air, plus a few back yard fire pits in the neighbourhood. I went for a walk last night, had my windows open at home not thinking of the smoke, and got a splitting headache which has persisted all day today.
      It hurts my eyes to look at the computer screen so I won't stay on long.
      I feel like doing nothing but complain. but there is nobody living with me to complain to (probably just as well) so I'm doing it here! I know it won't last; meanwhile I'll be a slug for a while longer....

      ~ it's always worth it ~


        I’ll join you being sluggish Uni. I’m having one of those days.

        Humans punish themselves endlessly
        for not being what they believe they should be.
        -Don Miguel Ruiz-