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    Non-drug treatments

    I'm bipolar 1 and have been struggling a bit. Talk to me about non-drug options that you've found helpful, that I could try on top of my meds. I've got some ideas, and the doc has some suggestions, but I'd love other input from people who've been there.
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    Exercise. I know it sounds simple, but I find daily exercise really helpful. I also don't tie exercise to weight loss but to mental health. That way it does not get mixed up in anything but working on my mental health.
    breathing exercises can also be helpful, so counting 6 breaths in, holding for 4 counts, exhaling for six counts and at the bottom holding for two counts. Repeat for five minutes to begin with.
    YouTube also has a lot of guided meditation you can check out.
    I hope that helps!


      hello Gossip. For me (bipolar one) I have to live a very restricted life style and a take a few meds or I can just go heavy on the meds and become a zombie.. So I chose to take less meds and enjoy my life. By restricted I mean the following . I try and get the right amount of sleep, I watch my sugar intake, I try and get 3 , 20 minute workouts a week where I break out into a sweat. I limited my caffeine intake,Proper diet is important. I try and eliminate stress in my life. For example if I have a function coming up and I know that I won't enjoy it, I try and not worry about it until it actually happens.

      I drink very little alcohol and I don't use marijuana or illicit drugs. I find that having 2-3 beer 3 times a week makes a huge difference in my moods .

      I stay out of places that can alter my mood. For example strip bars would be one example, if I go into one I can count on going manic, drugs or no drugs.

      I watch out for triggers and try and either avoid them or take measures to limit the triggers. For example family functions are a major trigger for me. So while I go I try and arrive late and leave early and take extra breaks to go for a quick 5 min walk.

      I try to be aware of my moods. For example if the grass appears a beautiful shade of green , normally I don't notice the scenery, that means I'm probably a little manicy and it's time to up my meds for a short time. I have a lot of other little things that when I notice them I try and figure out what the best course of action is.

      I try to remember that I am going to have off days no matter what I do, so when that happens I make sure that I don't feel guilty about cancelling stuff and spending the day in bed. I also try to remember that if I do the right things. Take Care. paul m

      P.S. Creast BD is a think tank about all things bipolar. They are all psychologists so there website is loaded with tips on how to live with bipolar
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        Thank you both for the good suggestions. I do a lot of them already, but there were some new ones too. I'm familiar with Crest.BD, and actually casually friends with the founder. They have some great stuff! If anyone else has suggestions, please keep them coming.
        Pressure makes diamonds....


          I feel the most grounded when I'm outside. Hiking is my best medicine.

          Humans punish themselves endlessly
          for not being what they believe they should be.
          -Don Miguel Ruiz-


            Always good advice, thanks AJ! Hermitage Park is my favourite place in the city!
            Pressure makes diamonds....