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working evening shifts is difficult

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    working evening shifts is difficult

    I am new to this, and this is my first post. I thought it was most appropriate to put something on the SAD topic or page since I was diagnosed with this in January. It was just from telling the doctor that I was not sleeping well, and talking for maybe 10 min. at the most about my past. I have had some anxiety issues mainly with my teaching work, and from all the changes in my life. My mom has recently been put into a home for Alzheimer's, and that has caused a lot of stress for me. I was very close to her, and I was overseas with my girlfriend, who I was getting close with when I decided to come home. We were thinking of marriage. Well, I now feel after putting mom in a home, that I should be closeby, and that woman will not come this way.

    So this has all created stress in my life. I have a father who is not involved much at all, and my siblings and I are doing most everything like selling my mother's home now. My father is an alcoholic actually, and is quite mean to talk to. I go to church, and have really been reaching out that way spiritually, but still, I feel so alone a lot. I also struggle with kind of being isolated, or more too myself. At work in the staff room, there are some loud people who just can not seem to stop talking. I just avoid them. I sit with a few quiet people. I seem to just want quiet. I also have been quite irritable. Around one friend's wife, I got very angry with her the other day. I only see them once every two weeks or so, but she is often grumpy or disrespectful to me.

    Well, I just want to say what is going on. I thought it may be SAD, but now with sunnier weather, I still struggle with low moods and being very tired. I know exercise is good, and I used to be quite active. Now, I just walk mainly. Having been overseas last year, I am not so connected with others in what to do here in this suburbia. I work every morning and some night shifts, but when I have this 6 hour break in between shifts, I have to conserve energy to survive the teaching a night class, or I get grumpy and say something mean in class and that makes me feel very bad. I have thought of changing my job, but not sure what else I can do.

    I just want others to share with, so I am trying this out.
    Thanks for reading.

    Hello Drumbeat and welcome. Not having SAD symptoms at this time of yr is a popular misconception. The Mayo clinic has a good article on it , just click on the link.

    They point out that there are various types of SAD. The traditional fall winter/ the non traditional spring/summer and major depression or symptoms of major depression brought on by SAD.

    Some of the symptoms that they point out are irritability, agitation, low energy and not sleeping well.

    I can't say what you have, but for myself I know that my depressive episodes that are worsened by SAD really peak around this time of year, plus this year we haven't had the greatest spring, so I know my recovery will be delayed as well.

    There are things that we can do to help us with SAD, but knowing what to do and doing it are two different things all together. (I have a lot of experience NOT doing what I know is best for me LOL) .

    If you get a chance read about SAD on the Mayo Clinic website. Please feel free to ask more questions, answer other people's questions and/or use the forum to vent out some of the frustrations that you feel. Sometimes venting is good therapy. Take Care. paul m
    "Alone we can do so little;
    Together we can do so much"
    Helen Keller


      Welcome to the forum Drumbeat. You'll find us to be a very friendly and supportive bunch.

      Humans punish themselves endlessly
      for not being what they believe they should be.
      -Don Miguel Ruiz-


        Hello Drumbeat, and welcome to the forum. I'm glad you've decided to try it out. Thanks for sharing some of your story. It sounds like there have been some major changes in your life. No wonder you feel stressed out.

        I think it's great that you do some walking; it may not seem like much but it makes a difference. Suburbia, in my opinion, tends to be isolating as people run here and there in their cars to get to work and activities.

        It sounds like you care about doing a good job Please don't be too hard on yourself when you get grumpy; it's bound to happen sometimes when you get stressed and depressed. I too did shift work, and it tends to complicate daily life and mess with your body clock. I hope that with the passage of a bit more time, your emotions will have a chance to level out. Meanwhile, I hope you'll let us know how you're getting along.

        ~ it's always worth it ~