Mood Disorders Society of Canada is pleased to present Medications and You, as part of our public educational resource series.

We know that one in five Canadians will have a mental illness or issue each year. Often, the first step is a discussion with a family physician or other health professional about the challenges that you are experiencing. When you or a family member/ friend experience mental health issues, often medications are part of the recovery process. Through this book, it is our hope we can assist by providing you with easy to understand information on medications.

This important resource could not have been developed without the dedication from Dr. Barbara Everett in assisting in the researching and writing of this handbook and to members of our advisory panel, with special appreciation to Dr. Alexandra Heber and Dr. Jeffrey Habert, along with all those who have contributed their time and effort to this project.
Mental illness affects all Canadians. The overarching message that Mood Disorders Society of Canada wants to convey in all its work is that recovery from mental illness is possible. MDSC would like to thank Pfizer Canada Inc. for an unrestricted educational grant which made it possible for MDSC to develop this booklet.


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