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Weight loss tips?

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    Weight loss tips?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. How are you all? Could you please suggest some weight loss tips for a faster result? I've tried many but nothing worked out. Following a diet plan or workouts which of these help much better? Please share your thoughts.

    Hello Samuel Almeda, and welcome to the forum!
    I'm not a weight loss expert, but I noticed your post, and I think you ask a good question.

    I've always found that keeping an eye on the calorie count works for me. However, my weakness is eating when I'm not hungry (tired, lonely, sad, etc.) so if I can pay attention to meeting those needs in healthier ways, it does help. Exercise is a great thing, but not the best way to lose weight, in my opinion. On the up side, exercise tones your muscles so although you don't weigh less, your clothes think you do

    ~ it's always worth it ~


      Welcome to the forums Samuel Almeda.

      To answer your question about weight lose: "Following a diet plan or workouts which of these help much better?"

      My answer would be I wouldn't pick either. I think we're not off to a good start with the associations of the two words, diet and workout.

      My advice, I know it's easier said then done, is a healthy well balanced diet, and some form of regular exercise. Healthy does not have to include a carrot stick , and a walk around the neighbourhood won't prepare us for the next marathon, but our bodies will thank us for the effort.

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      for not being what they believe they should be.
      -Don Miguel Ruiz-


        Welcome to the forum Samuel. I could give you some valuable tips, as I have followed a healthy lifestyle since my adolescence. First, take care of your mind. Do not stress too much or work above your power. If you have some vices, like smoking, gambling, try to limit them. The most important is to train your body and mind simultaneously. If you do sport, do it consciously, and involve your brain in each exercise. For a better result, start with yoga because it is a therapeutic practice and, at the same time, a sport. But if your problem with weight loss is complicated, consult to follow a strict diet, exercise plan, and vitamins for weight loss. Good luck!
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