Bio - Deanna Lennox

Bio – Deanna Lennox

Deanna Lennox, War Horse Awareness Foundation, (Alberta)

Deanna, recently retired after 16 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  In 2004, Deanna suffered a permanent hearing loss as a result of being exposed to several shotgun blasts.  This injury abruptly ended Deanna’s operational policing career.  The sudden loss of hearing – and the loss of her identity as a police officer – contributed to her suffering a bout of Major Depression.  A few years later she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Deanna is determined to pass on what she refers to as “Tools in the Toolbox” for frontline service providers.

In addition to professional counseling (including EMDR), she has experienced the benefits of working with horses, yoga, meditation, journaling and other alternative healing modalities. Deanna is a certified meditation teacher and brings the experience of meditation to her symposiums and retreats. In January 2015, Deanna’s memoir is scheduled to be released by HarperCollins.  Her book, “Damage Done” chronicles her experiences in the RCMP, her struggles with depression and PTSD, the creation of the War Horse Awareness Foundation and her passion to continue to help others.