Corporate Support

MDSC’s Position Statement on Fundraising

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The Mood Disorders Society of Canada has many valued corporate supporters and sponsors. People with mood disorders and their families honour these organizations’ generosity as well as their dedication to good corporate citizenship.

“As an assurance to our members: The Mood Disorders Society of Canada does not seek financial support from any institution, corporation, or organization that has the potential to cause harm to our reputation or membership.”

Corporate supporters and sponsors allow MDSC to create and complete specific projects where our mandate aligns with individual corporate goals.  In doing so, we are pleased to say that partners have agreed to our complete independence in pursuing our public education goals. Specifically, we ask and receive assurances that:

  • Corporate and organization partners provide donations free from encumberances or restrictions.
  • Our corporate partners and MDSC jointly agree that it is not in our mutually best interests for Mood Disorders Society of Canada to support, endorce or advertise any product or services.

MDSC honours its corporate supporters and partners through its various projects and publications.To discuss how we can work together, contact us for more information or make a donation by clicking on Canada Helps Donate Now button below:


If you would prefer to send a cheque or would like to contact us, we are located at:

Mood Disorders Society of Canada
110 North Front St. Unit A3 Suite 325
Belleville, ON K8P 0A6
Tel. 613-921-5565

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada is a member of Imagine Canada and voluntarily conforms to the Ethical Financial and Reporting Code to ensure that you will have complete confidence in MDSC’s management and reporting of our donations program.