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PROGRAM – June4, 2011 (PDF)



Shari Brownstein


Michael Costello


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 Michael&ShariOn June 4, 2011, Mood Disorders Society of Canada presented a special evening of inspiration with piano virtuosos Shari Brownstein and Michael Costello, in Ottawa. Their individual talents, duet performances, and Michael’s story of his journey to mental health — were truely inspiring. The purpose of the concert was to raise awareness about mental health issues and help combat the stigma of mental illness.


Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is striving to take the mask off stigma and recognize it for what it is: harmful and mean discrimination. Stigma is the leading barrier that prevents people who have mental illness from seeking help. As such, stigma is extremely important to fight and eliminate. A recent study of 556 respondents who reported that either they or a family member had experienced stigma as a result of mental illness resulted in a response confirming 70% had been stigmatized. Of those, the percentage who experienced stigma…

  • within their own family: 56%
  • from friends: 52%
  • from their primary care physician: 44%
  • from other health care professionals: 32%
  • within their workplace: 30%

MDSC is leading the fight against stigma. We are actively promoting open dialogue on mental illness; with youth, in the workforce, among our elderly, and with our national, provincial and regional partners. This piano concert is designed to promote further open discussion on mental illness.

Spread the word that it is part of living to have illness, both physical AND mental. Make sure you speak to your family and friends about their mental health today and every day.



Alla Turca for Flute and Piano, Mozart (Duet performed by Brownstein & Costello)

Serendipity in C Minor (Composed & Performed by Brownstein)

Preludes for Piano, Gershwin (Performed by Costello)