October 11, 2019, Belleville, Ontario – Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is proud to announce a new national fundraising campaign, called Move for Mental Health (M4MH). This campaign is designed for College / University Students, such as student unions and clubs, Individuals & Groups who wish to raise funds for mental health. The funds raised by the M4MH campaign will go to support programs and initiatives spearheaded by MDSC – to help individuals with mental illness and their families.

The goal of M4MH is to get people moving and talking about mental health. For students, post-secondary schooling can be an extremely stressful time. Research has shown that physical activity has aided in reducing day-to-day stress and improved academic performance in young adults. M4MH will provide students, individuals and groups with the opportunity to go out and be active with their peers, and show that talking about mental health is not just okay but necessary in a society where mental illness is so stigmatized. We look forward to having the chance to collaborate with individuals, students and youth, and helping them be proactive about their mental health.

“MDSC is very proud to launch this new national initiative to support youth mental health. We know that close to 1 million youth are affected by mental illness and only one in five will get the help they need. Research shows roughly 70 per cent of mental illness begins during childhood or adolescence and this is a crucial time to support their needs. As a national mental health organization representing persons with lived experience of mental illness, MDSC knows the needs are growing and we want to help provide programs and supports for tomorrow’s leaders.” Dave Gallson, National Executive Director, MDSC.


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About the Mood Disorders Society of Canada:

Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is a national non-profit mental health charity. MDSC is engaged in a wide range of projects and initiatives designed to support the inclusion of persons with mental illnesses in Canadian society and has taken a lead proactive role in public policy and program development in many capacities to improve access to treatment, inform research, and shape programming.


For more information link to our website:  www.mdsc.ca or www.M4MH.ca