Mood Disorders Society of Canada is proud to announce the launch of our latest in a series of public education resources, Medications and You book.
We know that one in five Canadians will have a mental illness or issue each year. Often, the first step is a discussion with a family physician or other health professional about the challenges that one is experiencing. When an individual, a family member or friend experience mental health issues, often medications are part of the recovery process. Through this book, it is our hope we can assist by providing Canadians with easy to understand information on medications.
People experiencing mental illness have to contend, not only with the illness, but with a complex journey through the medical and psychiatric systems. Most will be prescribed medications to help stabilize their symptoms so that they can take on the many challenges of getting well and staying well. But which medications? How are they expected to help? As people leave th1e doctor’s office with their prescription, they can feel on their own. This publication can accompany them. It takes them from diagnosis, to medication, to therapy and to discovering supports and relapse prevention strategies. It concentrates on four mental illnesses: major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
The Medications and You book is intended to ease your journey with information and encouragement. MDSC is proud to provide free downloads of the book. Mental health groups, health care providers and others can purchase bulk orders of the book in hard copy.