December 18, 2019, Belleville, Ontario – Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is proud to announce a new partnership with MOODIE; a ground-breaking, evidence-based mental health app and innovative behavioural health platform.  MOODIE aims to improve mental health services available for youth, adults, and vulnerable populations. The application will assist Canadians in wellness maintenance and reduce risk factors associated with the worsening of symptoms. The App is designed to address the reduction of incidences of suicide with an emphasis on people living with mental health challenges in a community setting.

Richard Wilson, the Co-founder of MOODIE, has said, “Partnering with Mood Disorder Society of Canada, one of the most respected national mental health organizations in our country, is a decision we are honoured to make.”

The mobile application is intended to be used in conjunction with traditional treatments and care, improving therapeutic relationships and decreasing access barriers. It tracks food intake, sleep, physical activity, and self-care; while motivating users to care about their mental and physical health. The Moodie prototype is currently being used by 25,000+ users, the app evolved with a new look, feel, and focus in September 2019.

Moodie distinguishes itself in the following ways:

  • Implements tracking diary of daily events, moods, and actions and visually displaying the correlation in a chart that provides the user with visual confirmation of what is making them feel better.
  • Utilizes a Mental Health Professional Platform; visualization, data collection, and reporting tool that allows mental health professionals access to user data (with user consent) to enhance the therapeutic benefits of treatment.
  • A User Platform; similar to the Mental Health Professional Platform, additionally containing peer support functionality, goal setting, and other options to help users feel more engaged, in control, and supported.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence; provides medical alerts that will prevent harm and enhance the user’s unique experience.
  • Display the historical actions of the user to facilitate effective treatment.
  • Using tools, reduce the decline risks of mental and physical health.

“Since the launch of MOODIE, I have put control back in my life and made some positive changes to help me grow” shared user Allie Richard. “I am so excited to see what MOODIE will bring for me and others in future updates.”

“MDSC is very pleased to support Canadians in their desire to have more self-control over their own mental health supports. This unique partnership between MDSC and MOODIE will make widely available this mental health app resource offering therapeutic tools that are more accessible and portable. The MDSC/MOODIE App will play an important role in the future of mental health care for many Canadians through innovative solutions for the self-management of mental health”,  states Dave Gallson, National Executive Director, MDSC.

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About the Mood Disorders Society of Canada:

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada was launched in 2001 to provide people with mood disorders, their families and caregivers a strong, cohesive voice at the national level on issues relating to mental health and mental illness. With particular regard to depression, bipolar disorder and other associated mood disorders, the MDSC aims to improve access to treatment, inform research, shape program development and government policy to improve the quality of life for people affected by mood disorders.


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