Dave Gallson, MDSC Associate National Executive Director is very happy to announce that Stewart McKelvey has partnered with us on our Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign, raising awareness about mental health in their workplace.

Too often, people are afraid of talking about mental illness because of the stigma which is attached to it. By displaying the blue elephant, people will either ask what the elephant is about (which can lead to discussion about mental illness), or they know that it represents a safe place to talk about mental illness where they will not be stigmatized or thought less of. Opening up the conversation is the single best thing a person can do for someone who is experiencing a mental health illness or mental health problem. The little blue elephant is a perfect way of doing so.

“Stewart McKelvey is focused on promoting mental health wellness in the workplace and to help end the stigma attached to mental illness. We placed the blue elephants in the offices of our management staff to encourage employees to start the conversation about mental health and to promote a caring, supportive and non-judgmental culture.

Deanna Severeyns, Chief Administrative Officer”

Mental illness is among the most common and debilitating health issues, and one in five Canadians will encounter a mental illness or mental health issue this year. The stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness are still profound and harmful barriers to treatment today.

The blue anti-stigma elephants have been distributed to Stewart McKelvey management as a reminder of the stigma related to mental health issues and that this is a safe place to talk.