MDSC Sponsors Walk for Mental Health held Oct 24, 2010 in Montreal


Mood Disorders Society of Canada has implemented an Awards Program that acknowledges good works in mental health and anti-stigma awareness. Please join MDSC in congratulating the recipients for taking proactive initiative and for their outstanding achievements. We see the mental health leaders of tomorrow in their actions.

Jordan James Pickell Mental Health Achievement Recognition Award

For outstanding contribution to mental health education and anti-stigma activities by actively engaging students and staff in understanding and accepting mental illness and the importance of mental health.


  • CDSBEO: Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (2014) WebsiteNews Release
  • McMaster University, COPE (2014) Video

Marg Starzynski Mental Health Leadership Award

For dedicated leadership in community mental health awareness and through personal contributions to raising awareness of mental illness.


  • William J. Gartland, Director of Education, Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (2014) Photo
  • Mariette Lee, McMaster University (2013) Photo