1. Value yourself and your loved ones: practice self-care: wash your hands frequently, engage your children or grandchildren to do the same by singing a song for 20 seconds while they wash their hands, maintain proper daily hygiene
  2. Keep a regular routine: life as we know it has changed, it is important to stay focused on the routine of everyday tasks, eat well so that you can function well, eat at regular times, maintain proper sleep patterns, manage your daily schedule so that you are not overloaded with tasks
  3. Keep active: Exercise reduces stress, anxiety and depression – make time for exercise, the gym is closed …no problem; go for a walk, run, ride your bike, do some gardening, use your home exercise equipment, go for a hike, appreciate nature by exploring new areas
  4. Make time to have fun – children out of school- they need to stay active as well, go outdoors and play, turn off the electronics, set up some lawn bowling, go for a hike, visit a nature trail, feed the birds, pack a picnic, go biking and practice social distancing
  5. Get back to basics: spend family time engaged in conversation, playing board games, watching movies and enjoying popcorn, reading books, revisiting some of the classics out loud, play charades…laugh, appreciate the simple things
  6. Stay connected: keeping social distancing in mind, find new creative ways to stay connected, with family, friends, and loved ones, connect through phone calls, social media, email to brighten up someone’s day, video chat, realize the importance of maintaining relationships…show you care, it’s good for you!
  7. Breathe: slow down, take a break – take a five-minute pause, slow down to focus on the present, give thanks for this moment of peace and solitude, you deserve it!
  8. Care for Others: friends are important, help each other whenever you can, it’s a two-way street and supporting each other’s benefits everyone.
  9. Manage Stress: Limit your exposure to Media, stay updated in the current state of events but limit your exposure to avoid creating anxiety, focus on today and what you need to do, take one day at a time.
  10. Get your sleep – turn off your devices one hour before you turn-in and leave your devices out of the bedroom to allow complete relaxation.
  11. Be Grateful: Focus on things you did today that brought you joy, made you proud, provided you with a sense of accomplishment, made you smile or laugh, however small…it is a GIFT, ask your family to share what they did to make them feel that way too