Mood Disorders Society of Canada is pleased to announce that Mr. Dave Gallson has been appointed National Executive Director at the MDSC national Board of Directors meeting held in Toronto June 16th and 17th, 2017. In what the board described as being an exemplary process of succession planning, Dave assumes the role with unanimous support of the MDSC Board, as well as Mr. Phil Upshall, who has served as the organization’s National Executive Director since its inception in 2001.
Dave has a long history working within the mental health sector and has served as Associate National Executive Director for MDSC, working alongside Phil since 2010. As National Executive Director, Dave brings with him the experience and commitment to build upon MDSC programs and services and will continue to develop and launch projects that strengthen Canada’s mental health resources. Under Dave’s leadership, MDSC will move forward to address the mental health needs of Canadians through an engaged broad stakeholder partnerships approach.
“I am very happy to announce Dave Gallson’s appointment as National Executive Director of the MDSC. Dave has been an integral part of the success here at MDSC and has demonstrated a resounding ability to lead this organization over the next decade. His knowledge, dedication to our cause, work ethic, an